The Weekly Freight Report for March 25th, 2020

The Top 7 Stories in Freight

COVID-19 Continues to Dominate the Freight Industry Landscape

Essential employees… cross-border trade… and operational changes. COVID-19 continues to dominate the freight landscape. Get all caught up with the Weekly Freight Report:

1. Truckers Recognized as “Essential” in Slowing COVID-19

Truck drivers and logistics pros have been working tirelessly to restock empty store shelves and keep U.S. citizens with necessities. And their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. The U.S. government has identified them as “essential employees” in helping the U.S. slow down the spread of COVID-19. Get the details here.

2. U.S. – Mexico Trade Avoids Disruption, For Now

The U.S.-Mexico border has remained open and cross-border trade has been steady. But how steady is in question. Volume is expected to take a dip due to major auto manufacturer closures. And if COVID-19 spreads in Laredo, TX it could have a massive impact. Get the details here.

3. Truckload Rates Expected to Rise Into Summer

COVID-19 has everyone in freight wondering what’s next. The pandemic is already disrupting typical seasonal trends and new reports indicate rising truckload rates could easily carry over into the summer months. Get the details here.

4. Weight Limit Suspensions for Trucks Providing Virus Relief

Right now, time is of the essence. That’s why nearly a dozen states have waived weight regulations for trucks involved in emergency relief efforts during the pandemic. But rules do apply. Before making assumptions, get all the details here to make sure you’re load applies to the declaration.

5. Transportation Leaders Work to Keep Necessities Stocked

Transportation leaders are calling on the White House to put consumers first in this time of crisis. Their proposition? Passing legislation with a dual purpose… first, to slow the spread of COVID-19 and second, to avoid disrupting the delivery of necessary goods to citizens. But is getting the best of both worlds attainable? Get the details here.

6. FMCSA Issues FAQs About COVID-19 Emergency Declaration

In the face of a pandemic, rules of the road are being adjusted in unprecedented ways. And it can be difficult to keep up. That’s why the FMCSA released these FAQ’s. It’s got all the answers to your questions surrounding the COVID-19 emergency declaration. Get filled in here.

7. COVID-19 Leads Shippers to Reconsider Logistics Footprint

Were China Tariffs a blessing in disguise? Some might think so. In a time of crisis, overflowing warehouses have allowed shippers to restock products at a quicker pace. And with social distancing causing online shopping to rise… they are thinking a regionalized approach might be the right move going forward. Check out how this pandemic might change the future of shipping. 

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