The Weekly Freight Report for March 13th, 2020

The Top 5 Stories in Freight

Coronavirus Affecting North American Freight

Coronavirus… price jumps… advancing legislation and more. Here are the top headlines shippers need to know this week:

1. Virus Panic Tightens Capacity

The threat of the coronavirus is still in question by many… the reaction, however… is real. Panicked U.S. consumers cleared store shelves this week. The result? Spiked trucking volumes and tightened capacity. But will it last? The only thing for certain is uncertainty… right now, the future of the freight market is completely unpredictable. Get the full story here.

2. U.S. & Mexico Expand Unified Customs Processing

It’s a good year to be shipping cross-border freight. The U.S. and Mexican governments have officially committed to expanding a shared customs processing. What’s in it for shippers? Faster, more efficient border crossing. Get all the details here.

3. Shippers… Prepare for 2020 Price Shock

Memories of 2018 freight can put chills down any shipper’s spine. And with the unpredictable effects of coronavirus, industry pros fear dejavu is among us. There will be excess volume… there will be an imbalance in the market… and it will cost shippers. The real question is… when will the wave hit? Get the details here.

4. Carriers Can Get Ahead in Light of AB5

California’s independent contractor law, AB5, has put owner-operators through the wringer. Some drivers are fleeing the state, some are waiting for the federal court decision… and others? They are getting prepared. Integrating these tips might just help your fleet survive AB5. Check them out here.

5. The Unspoken Concerns of Self-Driving Trucks

Lack of federal regulation… complex highway driving conditions… and safety. Just a few legitimate concerns mentioned in this @freightwaves take on autonomous trucks. And no one’s talking about it. Sure, the new tech is exhilarating. But these aren’t areas to overlook. Should freight pump the brakes on the hype and close-in on the flaws? Get the details here.

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